Tourism and Travel Agency, founded and run by locals, with great prestige in the Peruvian market for respect and confidence shown in the course of these years.

We are a local operator in Puno, which ensures that local communities benefit from tourism activity in our region. We make sure that our clients receive the best services at local prices.

  • Our services are reasonable prices compared to the foreing online companies.
  • We believe that local people should be the main beneficiaries of tourism here.
  • You can be sure that you are directly benefiting the local villager.


General Manager

E-mail:   reservas@titicacatour.com

Outlook:   titicaca.tour@hotmail.com

Phone Contacts: 24 hrs. (+51) 951 238866 /  950 503302

Uros Titicaca – Peru – Land of the Incas


TITICACA TOUR Tourism Investment Tawa EIRL. Travel and Tourism Agency since 2009, led by its staff, with great prestige in Peru for the respect and reliability, has shown throughout the course of these years. PHONE: (+51) 951 238866

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